Little Spoon, a new baby food delivery service, promises preservative-free eats for tots

April 12, 2017

The ingredients inside a jar of baby food can sometimes seem as mysterious as those in a can of dog food. While scanning the shelf for something good for your little one, you may go off empty label promises rather than what’s really lurking inside, which is often sugary juices, stabilizers and preservatives.

Enter Little Spoon, a new subscription service launched on Wednesday, that allows parents the opportunity to provide their child with wholesome organic food. Little Spoon applies the same food technology utilized by the juice industry: high-pressure processing, which, according to them, ruptures the cell walls of any bacteria in the food, which in turn destroys the bacteria.

Unlike heat treatment, HPP does not affect the food on a molecular level, which means nutritional value, vitamins, flavor, taste and color remain unchanged.